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Custom Design For Your Project

You deserve to work with a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers to bring your custom project to life. Our design solutions are flexible and can be tailored to any budget or scope of work.   

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10+ Years of Combined Experience

We know the ins-and-outs of design and engineering.

Personalized For Your Unique Needs

We give each client the dedicated attention that they deserve.

Certified & Qualified In Manitoba

We’re trusted across the province to deliver top tier results.

Why Choose Us?

NLS is a drafting and design service specializing in custom projects. We provide A to Z services for any design ideas your property may have. We are available to provide you with comprehensive engineering drawings, including inspection and assessments of your project repairs. Our firm was born out of long lasting relationships of professionals in Manitoba. We are committed to providing our clients with nothing less than top tier service.



Engineering Services

We will approach your inquiry with a qualitative and a quantitative project assessment. Our primary focus is your project specific solution.

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Drafting Building Design

At NLS Consultants, we will go through the pre-design phase, design phase, project costing phase, and interior design phase.

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Budget Costing

We are fully dedicated to providing a budget and portfolio referrals for your building project, and full rehabilitation needs.

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Permit Application

At NLS Consultants we rely upon professional experience and careful review for assisting with building permit applications in Winnipeg.

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Engineering Services

From conceptual design to blueprints, construction drawings, and engineered drawings, we’re here to provide solutions.

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